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Seeking Sponsorship: Support Our Talented Pool Team Heading to the European Championships

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The Northern Ireland Pool Association (NIPA) is proud to announce that its under 15 pool team has qualified for the prestigious European Championships in Malta, taking place from 1st-9th November 2023. As a non-profit organization, NIPA relies on community support to provide opportunities for young athletes to excel in the sport. In an effort to ensure these promising young players can participate in the tournament, NIPA is actively seeking sponsorship from local businesses. By investing in our team, sponsors have the chance to showcase their brand and contribute to the growth and success of these dedicated young athletes.

A Remarkable Journey

This year marks a significant milestone for NIPA, as it is the first time in five years that we have been able to field an under 15 team for the European Championships. This achievement reflects the growing interest and participation in our sport among juniors. In March, our team participated in the European Blackball Associations Nations Cup in Bridlington, where they emerged victorious, making us incredibly proud of their accomplishments.

Financial Challenges

As a non-profit organization, NIPA operates on limited funds and does not receive financial assistance from external sources. Consequently, the burden of financing tournament-related expenses falls on the shoulders of the young athletes and their parents. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that financial limitations do not hinder these talented players from showcasing their skills on an international stage.

Opportunity for Local Businesses

We invite local businesses to join us in supporting these exceptional young athletes by sponsoring our under 15 Pool team. Sponsors will have the opportunity to align their brand with a group of dedicated individuals who exemplify determination, discipline, and sportsmanship. In return, sponsors will gain exposure through various promotional channels, including social media, tournament broadcasts, and NIPA events.

Benefits of Sponsorship

  1. Brand Exposure: Sponsors will have their logo prominently displayed on team uniforms, creating brand visibility during the tournament. Additionally, sponsors’ logos will be featured on NIPA’s social media platforms, reaching a wide audience of Pool enthusiasts and potential customers.
  2. Community Engagement: By sponsoring our under 15 team, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to fostering youth development and supporting local talent. This will positively impact the community perception of the sponsoring company.
  3. Positive Association: Sponsors will be associated with a successful and accomplished team, enhancing their brand’s reputation and credibility. This positive association can lead to increased customer loyalty and trust.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Sponsors will have the chance to network with other businesses and individuals associated with the Pool community, opening doors for potential partnerships and collaborations.

How You Can Help

We kindly ask for your support in making the European Championships dream a reality for our under 15 Pool team. Your contribution, no matter how small or large, will directly impact the lives of these aspiring athletes. Whether it’s a financial contribution or in-kind support, every bit helps us ensure that financial constraints do not hinder their progress.

The Northern Ireland Pool Association is excited about the opportunity for our under 15 Pool team to represent our country in the European Championships. However, we need the support of local businesses to make this journey possible for these young athletes. By sponsoring our team, businesses can contribute to the growth of the sport, inspire future generations, and gain valuable exposure. Join us in supporting our talented under 15 Pool team and be part of their remarkable journey to success.

For sponsorship inquiries or more information, please contact Gillian Rolston, Under 15 A Team Manager and Secretary of NIPA, at or message their Facebook page

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