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Tinder Launches Exclusive "VIP" Feature Allowing Subscribers to Message Unmatched Users

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Ultra-Premium Tinder Select Service Targets “Most Sought-After” Daters

In a bold move to cater to its most dedicated users, Tinder has unveiled an exclusive feature within its platform called Tinder Select. This “VIP” service, deemed “ultra-premium,” is designed for the app’s “most sought-after” users, offering them unprecedented access and privileges. However, exclusivity comes at a hefty price, with subscribers required to pay a substantial $499 per month or a whopping $6,000 annually for the invite-only service.

Elite Access for the Privileged Few:

Tinder Select is not for everyone. The elite service will be extended to less than one per cent of Tinder’s user base, handpicked from the most active and engaged members. Tinder has emphasized that only those who meet specific criteria will be invited to join, ensuring a select community of users who are genuinely committed to the platform.

Unlocking New Features:

The central feature of Tinder Select is the ability for subscribers to message individuals they haven’t yet matched with, a departure from the conventional matching process. This opens up new possibilities for connections, fostering a more dynamic and interactive user experience. Additionally, Tinder Select members will have their profiles showcased to the app’s “most sought-after” users, creating an environment that aims to connect like-minded individuals.

The Five-Point Select Screen:

To qualify for Tinder Select, interested users must pass the rigorous “five-point Select Screen” criteria. This includes having a verified photo, a well-crafted biography, listing at least five interests, sharing a minimum of four images, and providing details about the type of relationship they are seeking. This selective process aims to maintain the high standards of the exclusive community.

Special Privileges and Profile Badges:

Approved Tinder Select members paying the premium fee will receive a distinctive badge on their profiles, signifying their elite status within the app. Notably, users have the option to hide this badge if they prefer not to disclose their membership in the highest tier package, offering a balance of exclusivity and privacy.

Chief Product Officer’s Perspective:

Mark Van Ryswyk, Tinder’s Chief Product Officer, explained the rationale behind the launch of Tinder Select, stating, “We know that there is a subset of highly engaged and active users who prioritize more effective and efficient ways to find connections.” He highlighted the extensive testing and feedback with this audience that informed the development of this exclusive offering.

The Rise of Exclusive Dating Platforms:

Tinder Select joins the growing trend of invite-only, paid-for dating apps that target a niche audience. Platforms like Raya, known for its celebrity clientele and referral-based entry, have paved the way for these exclusive dating experiences. Tinder’s foray into this space suggests a shift in the industry towards catering to the unique needs and preferences of its most dedicated users.

Tinder’s introduction of the Tinder Select service marks a significant step in the evolution of online dating, offering an elite experience for its most committed users. While the premium price tag may deter some, the allure of exclusive features, including messaging beyond matches, showcases the platform’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction. As the landscape of online dating continues to evolve, Tinder Select sets a new standard for personalized and refined matchmaking.



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