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Dame Esther Rantzen Reveals Joining Dignitas for Assisted Dying Amid Stage Four Cancer Battle

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Dame Esther Rantzen, the renowned broadcaster and founder of ChildLine, has disclosed her decision to join the Dignitas assisted dying clinic in Switzerland as part of her contingency plan for stage four lung cancer. In an exclusive interview with the BBC, the 83-year-old spoke about her ongoing “miracle” treatment and the possibility of seeking assisted dying in Zurich if the treatment proves unsuccessful.

Assisted suicide remains illegal in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, carrying a maximum prison sentence of 14 years. In Scotland, while there is no specific offense of assisted suicide, euthanasia is considered illegal and may lead to prosecution for murder or manslaughter.

Dignitas, a not-for-profit organization, offers physician-assisted dying to individuals with illnesses leading inevitably to death or unendurable pain. Dame Esther emphasized her desire to spare her family from witnessing a distressing death, expressing concerns about potential legal consequences for loved ones if they accompany her to Dignitas.

The veteran broadcaster stressed the importance of choice in end-of-life decisions, advocating for a reconsideration of laws around assisted dying. Campaigners argue that legalizing assisted dying would empower individuals with terminal illnesses, allowing them greater control over their final moments.

Dame Esther’s daughter, Rebecca Wilcox, voiced support for her mother’s decision, highlighting the legal uncertainties surrounding assisting dying. She emphasized the need for legal reforms to allow family members to be present during their loved ones’ final moments without fear of legal repercussions.

In response to Dame Esther’s revelations, Levelling-up Secretary Michael Gove suggested a parliamentary revisit to the issue of assisted dying. He acknowledged differing views on the matter but acknowledged the significance of reopening the discussion.

Baroness Ilora Findlay, a crossbench member of the Lords, cautioned against changes in the law based on the experiences of countries where assisted dying has been legalized. She argued for a focus on improving access to end-of-life care, pointing to issues in countries like Canada where, she claimed, the situation was “out of control.”

As Dame Esther continues her battle with stage four lung cancer, the Health and Social Care Committee is set to publish its report on assisted dying and assisted suicide in England and Wales. Meanwhile, in Scotland, a private member’s bill on assisted dying is expected to be debated in the Scottish Parliament next year.

Dame Esther reflected on the unexpected extension of her life, expressing a desire to relive the upcoming Christmas with her family—a cherished moment she didn’t anticipate having. The veteran presenter remains an influential figure in the ongoing debate over end-of-life choices and the legality of assisted dying.



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