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Carrick Eats Unites Local Community: Takeaways Rally to Support Homegrown Platform

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In a heartening display of unity, the local community in Carrick has come together to support “Carrick Eats,” a homegrown food ordering platform that not only benefits local businesses but also contributes significantly to community initiatives.

Several takeaway owners in Carrick have taken a bold step by collectively deciding to remove other food ordering apps, citing substantial savings and increased community impact through Carrick Eats. The move reflects a growing trend among local businesses to prioritize platforms that not only serve their commercial interests but also contribute to the welfare of the community they operate in.

One of the standout features of Carrick Eats is its commitment to reinvesting in the local community. An impressive 50% of profits generated through Carrick Eats are funnelled back into the community through various sponsorship programs and charitable donations.

One avenue through which Carrick Eats is making a positive impact is by sponsoring local football clubs. Talks are already underway with the Barn, a prominent local football club, to establish a partnership that will not only support the club’s activities but also foster a stronger sense of community through sports.

Carrick Eats has proven its dedication to supporting local charities. An exemplary instance of this commitment was witnessed through their donation to “Ollie’s Army.” This local charity, much like Carrick Eats itself, is driven by a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those in the community. The collaboration between Carrick Eats and Ollie’s Army exemplifies the power of local businesses working hand-in-hand with charitable organizations to create a meaningful and lasting impact.

The decision by Carrick’s takeaway owners to exclusively use Carrick Eats as their preferred food ordering platform underscores the potential for businesses to be a force for good in the community. By consolidating their efforts, the local takeaways not only streamline their operations but also contribute collectively to the betterment of Carrick as a whole.

This inspiring initiative is a testament to the strength and resilience of local communities when faced with challenges. Carrick Eats is not just a platform for ordering food; it has become a symbol of community support, and collaboration, and a driving force behind positive change in Carrick. As this movement gains momentum, it serves as a beacon for other communities, demonstrating how businesses and residents can join hands to create a more prosperous and caring local environment.



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