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Two men sentenced for the manslaughter of Piotr Krowka

On Monday, January 9th, two individuals were sentenced at Belfast Crown Court for the manslaughter of Piotr Krowka. The attack, which took place on March 31st, 2018 in Maghera, resulted in Krowka’s body being discovered on April 3rd in a derelict property in the Glen Road area.

Adrian Kozak, 22, was sentenced to eight years, with four years to be served in custody and four on license. Caolan Johnston, 21, was sentenced to six years, with three to be served in custody and three on license.

Detective Inspector Davis stated that the attack was unprovoked and violent, and that Krowka, a vulnerable and homeless man, posed no threat. Evidence, including forensic evidence and CCTV footage, led to guilty pleas from both defendants. The CCTV footage showed Krowka walking along Main Street in Maghera, followed by Kozak, and later showed Kozak and Johnston walking away from the scene along Glen Road towards Upper Main Street.

The detective also expressed condolences for the Krowka family and hope that Kozak and Johnston will come to understand the consequences of their actions while serving their sentences. The investigation team worked closely with prosecutors from the Public Prosecution Service to gather evidence and bring the defendants to justice.

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