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Lucy's Lucky Number: A Heartfelt Journey of Hope, Giving, and Winning

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In the heart of Northern Ireland, Lucy’s Lucky Number was born out of love, loss, and a commitment to making a difference. Founded by Chris McComb and his Partner, Lucy’s Lucky Number is not just a business but a heartfelt tribute to their baby daughter, Lucy, who left this world too soon in January 2022 during pregnancy.

Driven by a desire to keep Lucy’s name alive and create something good in her memory, Chris McComb delved into the world of prize competitions. The result was Lucy’s Lucky Number, established in December 2022 with a unique mission – to blend the thrill of winning with the joy of giving back.

What sets Lucy’s Lucky Number apart is their unwavering commitment to charity. Unlike other competition businesses, Lucy’s Lucky Number pledges a percentage of all ticket sales to their charity pot, regardless of the competition’s financial outcome. This year, they proudly support Sands NI, a cause close to their hearts.

Since officially launching in January 2023, Lucy’s Lucky Number has raised nearly £2,500. The dedication to giving back is evident in their donation structure – 5% of all sales contribute to the pot if a competition sells under 50% of tickets, and an impressive 10% if it sells over 50%.

With a plan to build the charity pot until the end of December and donate the funds to Sands in January 2024, Lucy’s Lucky Number is not just about numbers but about making a meaningful impact in their community. Looking forward, Chris McComb envisions expanding their reach, exploring new charitable partnerships, and continuing to spread joy through exciting competitions.

Lucy’s Lucky Number isn’t just a platform for winners; it’s a testament to resilience, hope, and the enduring power of love. With nearly 100 winners already, ranging from £10 to £1000, their affordable tickets boast the best odds in the business, ensuring that everyone can join in the excitement.

As Lucy’s Lucky Number grows month by month, the team anticipates even more significant prizes in the coming year, creating moments of happiness and anticipation in Lucy’s name. Join the community, embrace the thrill of the draw, and be a part of a business that is not just about luck but about making a positive impact – Lucy’s Lucky Number, where every ticket tells a story of hope and remembrance.



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