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The Colourful History of Whitehead Promenade

The colourful houses along Whitehead Promenade in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, are a sight to behold. But have you ever wondered how they came to be so vibrantly painted? This article tells the story of how one resident's decision to paint their house in pink sparked a trend that turned the Promenade into a rainbow of colours. It's a testament to the power of creativity and individuality and a reminder that sometimes, a little change can lead to something truly beautiful.

Have you ever wondered why the houses along Whitehead Promenade in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, are painted in a multitude of bright colours? The answer lies in the early 1990s, when one resident decided to take a bold step and paint their house in a vibrant shade of pink.

Ross Ferguson and his wife Jane, residents of Marine Parade, Whitehead, were the first to paint their house in a colour other than the traditional grey that all the houses on the Promenade were painted in. The idea came from Ross's aunt's house in Osborne Park, Belfast, which was painted pink, and Ross thought it would be a nice change from the monotony of the grey houses.

Ross's decision to paint his house pink wasn't met with universal approval, however. Some of the older residents on the Promenade weren't happy with the change, and there was resistance to the idea at the time. But the idea caught on, and soon other residents began to follow suit, painting their houses in a rainbow of colours.

Today, the houses along Whitehead Promenade are a colourful and vibrant sight, attracting visitors from all over. Ross's house, which started it all, is still pink, albeit a more brighter shade than it was originally painted in. The Cuthbert Bell, which was given to Ross by his aunt and hung in the entrance hall of his house, is also still there, a reminder of the house's colourful history.

The story of the colourful houses of Whitehead Promenade is a testament to the power of one person's idea to spark a trend. It's also a reminder that change isn't always easy, but sometimes it can lead to something beautiful. And, as Anne Ferguson, Ross's sister, points out, it's great to see the area getting recognition and attention.

It's clear that County Antrim has many stories to tell, and it's always a pleasure to hear them.

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