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Exploring Cushendall with Stephen

Exploring Cushendall

In Cushendall, Northern Ireland there is a hidden gem of a cliffside walk that few outside the area know about. 
Park at the beach carpark and before heading up the cliff path spend some time exploring the shoreline with its natural harbour-like inlets and abandoned buildings. 

It’s a stunning piece of wild rugged coastline with the tabletop form of Lurigethran mountain rising behind. 
From the shoreline, take the trail up to the cliff path and enjoy the stunning views along the path complete with boardwalk bridges and seating areas. 


At the end of the trail lies a little historical time capsule in the form of the Layd Churchyard dating back to the 13th Century. You can actually get right inside a stone-roofed section which is still standing. 

Near the base of the yard is an ancient and huge sycamore tree probably much older than most of the tombstones surrounding it.
The more adventurous can pick up a trail at the very bottom of the churchyard that leads down to a hidden stony beach at the shoreline. Just watch out for the brambles and nettles on the way down!

From the Churchyard you can follow a narrow road back through the countryside down to the beach carpark. Or, which is my preference walk back the way you came for the views as you follow the cliff path back to the beach. 

My name is Stephen Reid and I’m a commercial filmmaker from Ballymena. As a side project, I have a YouTube channel where I post about running, technology, exploring and the outdoors.

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