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Barn United Announces Exciting Gold Sponsorship with Forest Fitness

Barn United, the renowned football club in Carrickfergus, is thrilled to announce a significant new partnership with Lea at Forest Fitness. This two-year sponsorship deal marks an exciting collaboration between the club and Forest Fitness, bringing exclusive benefits to Barn United members.

As part of this exciting sponsorship, Lea at Forest Fitness is extending a generous offer of 10% off activities exclusively for Barn United members. All you need to do is present your Barn United membership card when booking to avail yourself of this fantastic discount. It’s a wonderful opportunity for members to enhance their fitness journey while enjoying the facilities and expert guidance provided by Forest Fitness.

Barn United expresses its utmost gratitude to Lea at Forest Fitness for their invaluable support as a gold sponsor. This partnership signifies a shared commitment to promoting health, fitness, and community engagement. It is through the generous contributions of sponsors like Forest Fitness that Barn United is able to continue providing exceptional opportunities and experiences to its members.

The club encourages all its members to take advantage of this special offer from Forest Fitness and make the most of their fitness endeavours. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, Forest Fitness offers a range of activities and services tailored to meet your individual needs and goals.

Barn United is excited about this new chapter and looks forward to a successful collaboration with Forest Fitness. The partnership between the club and Forest Fitness will undoubtedly strengthen the local community and contribute to the overall well-being of Barn United members.

Once again, Barn United extends its heartfelt appreciation to Lea at Forest Fitness for their support, and the club eagerly anticipates a flourishing partnership that benefits all involved. Together, Barn United and Forest Fitness are dedicated to fostering a healthy and thriving community in Carrickfergus.

Please note that the offer is subject to terms and conditions, and for more information, members are encouraged to contact Forest Fitness directly.


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