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A Farewell to The Windrose: A Beloved Venue's Uncertain Future

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For over two decades, The Windrose has been more than just a venue; it has been a community hub, a gathering place, and a second home for many. Under the leadership of Gary and his family, The Windrose became known for its warm atmosphere and inclusive ethos. It was a place where everyone felt welcome, regardless of background or status.

However, recent developments have left the future of this cherished venue in doubt. Rumours about potential closure and conversion into apartments have been swirling, causing concern among its loyal patrons and devoted staff. In a heartfelt message, Gary expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support and shared that the last 24 hours have been “totally overwhelming.” Despite the uncertainty, Gary and his family remain committed to their core values.

“We may not have always got it right, but we tried,” Gary said. The past 22 years have been a journey of dedication and hard work, with countless memories created within The Windrose’s walls. The possibility of closure brings a sense of loss not just for the family, but for the entire community.

At the moment, the primary concern is for the staff. Gary emphasized that the management team is focused on ensuring that employees are paid in full and helping them find alternative employment. A meeting is scheduled for Saturday to discuss the next steps and address the staff’s concerns.

As the future remains uncertain, the outpouring of support from the community has been a source of comfort for Gary and his family. They are determined to navigate these challenging times with integrity and to do right by their employees and patrons.

Despite the rumors and speculation, Gary was clear that converting The Windrose into apartments would not align with their vision for the venue. The community, too, shares this sentiment, holding onto hope that The Windrose can find a way to continue serving as a beacon of inclusion and camaraderie.

As the management team prepares for their upcoming meeting, the broader community stands by, offering their support and best wishes. The coming days will be crucial in determining the next chapter for The Windrose, but one thing is certain: its legacy of warmth and inclusion will endure in the hearts of those it has touched.

Gary concluded his message with a note of appreciation, thanking everyone for their kind comments, texts, and calls of support. As the family and staff navigate the uncertainty, they know they are not alone—their community is with them every step of the way.



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