The Isolation Chef

Meet David Simpson, the Isolation Chef.

David Simpson – The Isolation Chef

He is just like the most of us, a victim of the lockdown, the quarantine measures, the social distancing…and he stopped going to the work he loves at the Dobbins Inn, at Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, where he is a Head chef.

Weeks on, he became frustrated with his situation. Staying at home the whole day, bored with the household routine.

Then he thought it would help to kill the boredom to do some baking at home.

But David took it many steps further – he shared his recipes online – Home Cooking Recipes Isolating Chef Facebook Page.

At first it was just him sharing his own homemade recipes and baked goods. Buttermilk Scones, Victoria sponges, soda breads, potato breads, sweet dough breads, brioche breads, poppy seed sweet breads, jambons, oatmeal cookies, carrot cakes, salted caramel cheesecakes, meringue, sausage rolls, apple pies, steaks, chicken recipes…

David knew a lot of people were feeling fed up, and he knew a lot of people were really depressed, so he shared this post:

“To help with stress, anxiety or depression go to the kitchen make a coffee, read a recipe, start baking you will feel great for doing this, and share with a friend post to group, it works 🙂

David was amazed that more people were being inspired by Isolation Chef.

One member wrote on it:” Thank you for your lovely posts, you have made me quite fond of baking and that’s a tall order. Appreciate your time.”

That was the exhilarating effect of David Simpson’s food posts, and these nice comments kept coming, then suddenly, there were hundreds who joined David’s page, inspired by his perseverance to stay busy at home during the pandemic, doing what he does best.

Things started to take off when the community started sharing their own recipes and helping other members on the Isolation Chef FB page. And those who can’t cook and bake, submitted food photos which were relished by everyone. What started just as comments on David’s food posts has now exponentially expanded into both food lovers and cooking/baking enthusiasts FB page.

In the space of 2 months, Isolation Chef has now nearly 30,000 members.

Taking it many notches higher again, David Simpson is venturing into this ebook, aptly titled Home Cooking Recipes Isolating Chef. He wants to pool all his recipes for the short two months into this interesting ebook.

Just a short two months ago, David Simpson was a chef at the 13th century Dobbins Inn in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. Now, nearly 30,000 people know and admire him. Actually gets a lot of inspiration from him in this trying times.

Well who knows, later this year, David might want to publish his first The Isolation Chef.

And for sure, this nice ebook, by that time, will have an updated version. Something like hundred more recipes will have been shared from this first edition to the updated version. That needs a lot of editing. Anything is possible in this lockdown, right? Even book dreams for the Isolation Chef.