After recent events in the Prince Andrew saga, residents in Carrickfergus have shared disgust and want to rename a road in the town that bears his name ‘ Prince Andrew Way’.

Cllr Marc Collins has said on his facebook page:

“We are all aware of the legal proceedings, negative PR and more recently the stripping of military and Royal titles of Prince Andrew.
During the past number of months, I have been speaking with Council officers regarding the process for changing the name of a road because it’s my firm belief that Prince Andrew Way in Carrickfergus should be renamed.
I know my party colleagues David Hilditch MLA and Cllr Cheryl Brownlee have also been in touch with Council recently regarding this.
What do the people of Carrickfergus think about this idea? I personally don’t like the association of Prince Andrew with our great town, regardless of the outcome of legal proceedings, the bad PR and the fact Her Majesty The Queen has stripped him of his titles are enough for me.
I want to see a more positive name such as Prince Phillip Way, Centenary Way, something which is more fitting and celebrates more positive events.
What do you think?”

There are many comments in support of the name change and some against it.