Northern Irish ‘First homes’ is a brand new documentary for BBC NI which celebrates Northern Irish homes through the decades, how we’ve lived over the past 60 years, how our homes have changed over time both inside and outside. Do you remember when houses had a ‘good room’ for visitors, outside toilets, or the launch of the microwave, the deep fat fryer, soda streams and stereo systems? Was your first property in the retro style of the 70s with linoleum floors and pattered wall paper or was your home decor more in keeping with floral patterns of the 80s?

Through the decades, from student digs to bungalows, social housing to farmhouses, cottages to country estates…

We want to hear about your experience of moving into your home from the past or present, from the 1950’s to now. We are particularly interested in speaking with those who have memories which have been captured on film or video from the inside or outside of their homes.

Application deadline: 3rd December 2021
For more information please contact: [email protected]
Or call 0770 9104943 with your name and contact number.