As a nation, we’ve never been more conscious about our health and fitness, however, with the average citizen spending 3 hours and 23 minutes on our phone every single day, it’s often easy to get distracted and overlook just how important physical and mental exercise is to us all.

Too many of us are guilty of having signed up to a gym membership with the best intentions of transforming our physique, only to realise that, whilst the gym can be rewarding for not just the body but the mind as well, it can sometimes seem a little repetitive and lack excitement. Motivation can also be harder to muster for those who seek a little more mental stimulation than the standard routine that gym settings usually offer, but what if there was a way to not only keep physically fit and healthy but to have great fun whilst keeping mentally stimulated?

Forest Fitness NI offers exactly that. Set on a 30-acre forest site near Carrickfergus, they offer a vast array of activities to suit people of all fitness levels including combat sports, inflatables, assault courses, bushcraft classes, airsoft and much more. Team building sessions are also available and with the option of tailor-made itineraries, there’s something to suit everyone. One-to-One personal training sessions are also available for those who like to take a more solo approach to fitness, or why not get a group of friends and take the plunge together in one of Forest Fitness NI’s outdoor military-style bootcamps

In recent years our NHS has seen significant rises in cases as a direct result of an increasingly overweight population, and with people spending more time in front of screens than ever, this outside-the-box thinking when it comes to exercise and exploring our outdoor environment is a growing success. Proving that challenging yourself to push your boundaries doesn’t have to be all-work-no-play and certainly doesn’t have to be a lonely or boring journey to improving your body and mind, on the contrary, you can have the best of both worlds as you play your way to a healthier lifestyle whilst feeling a sense of accomplishment and achievement.

The opportunity to take part in fun and exciting activities with friends and family, with the added incentive of improving physical fitness and mental health, is definitely one well worth trying. All done in a safe environment with the help and supervision of friendly professionals, it’s an excellent platform to not only better yourself but more importantly, to get back to doing something we as a society have sadly seemed to underestimate the importance of, enjoying the great outdoors again.

For more information on what all Forest Fitness NI offers or any queries, contact their Facebook page or check out their website