18 months after the unforgettable ‘Tiger King’ first hit our screens, the official release date for the second instalment has finally been announced, accompanied by a trailer to give fans a sneak peak of what to expect this time around. 

When Tiger king first aired in march 2020, it didn’t take long for the nation to become completely engrossed in the show with 64 million households tuning in during the first four weeks since its premiere. The 7-episode true crime docu-series centred on “Joe Exotic”, an infamous collector of big cats such as lions and tigers that he kept at a “zoo” in Oklahoma, and his long running feud with Carole Baskin. Baskin, a big cat conservationist and owner of Big Cat Rescue, accuses Exotic of abusing and exploiting wild animals. In the final episodes of the first series, Joe Exotic’s long running anger at animal rights activists Carole Baskin curdled into a plot of violence against her, drawing the attention of the FBI, which resulted in him being convicted on two counts of murder-for-hire and a slew of charges surrounding the animals he kept. 

Tiger King 2 will look into the lives of the people featured in the first series. Last year, Exotics husband confirmed that the star of the show would be back for more. Dillon Passage shared the news on Good Morning Britain, where he also confirmed he had recorded footage for the second season. “I know there is going to be some phone call recordings of Joe that is going to be in it. There is no filming since he’s incarcerated”.  

The official Twitter account for Exotic revealed earlier this month: Showing the truth and will show you I’m sitting in prison, innocent, and this can happen to any one of you. After you watch it and see the truth, please stand up and be my voice.” 

Tiger King 2 will be released on Netflix on 17 November.