Author James Murphy has released the final part to his crime thriller trilogy, Dark Light, on Excalibur Press.

Author James Murphy who has just released his new book Dark Light the 3rd book in his crime fiction Terror Trilogy (The Rise of Terror & The Terror Within). Dark Light is published by Belfast publishers Excalibur Press. Photo by Francine Montgomery / Excalibur Press For more information contact Tina Calder 07305354209 [email protected]

Previous books in the series, The Rise of Terror and The Terror Within, earned praise from fans and reviewers alike.

Dark Light concludes the series with the Farset Investigations team forced to set aside previous differences to solve murders in Northern Ireland and save an abducted child in the US from the evil cult, The Enlightenment and prevent a killing spree in the name of their greatest nemesis, Terror.

“I’ve been thrilled by how well received the first two books have been and am delighted that so many people are eagerly anticipating this release,” said James. “I know that the shock factor of my endings have become a trademark of my writing.

“I hope that they will be happy with the conclusion but they should be warned that the shock value will be present in the last page as always.”

Dark Light is the conclusion of James’ Terror trilogy, he believes it works as a standalone novel.

“I have been very careful to construct each of the books in a format similar to that of a standalone,” he explained. “The result, each book can be read and enjoyed as a standalone, with each whetting the reader’s appetite to read the others.”

As James was completing Dark Light during the Covid-19 crisis, he admits it did affect the final product.

“Although the themes of identity and change run through all three books, the inspiration has evolved each time,” he said. “This time around, the inspiration reflects the moving on from a period of trauma and developing a new life. Partially written during lockdown, it was inevitable that adjusting to a new normal was going to be a feature. It was never a conscious one though.”

Publisher, Tina Calder of Excalibur Press said: “Since James joined Excalibur Press four years ago he has grown as an author. His books are a series of gripping tales linked together by a core plot line.

“We are absolutely delighted to be publishing the third book in the Terror Trilogy – Dark Light this month.

“Fans of the crime fiction genre will not be disappointed by not just this book but the entire series.

“Gripping, suspenseful and intense – Dark Light is definitely a standout book for me this year.”

Dark Light, published by Excalibur Press is available for pre-order at

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