Michael Henderson, director of the Northern Ireland Takeaway Association said: “Following a number of calls from our members over the last 24 hours who were unsure as to what the restrictions mean for them we have spent time speaking to members of the Executive and PSNI about what takeaway businesses are able to do.

“Although the Executive have taken the necessary steps to prevent the spread of the virus by imposing an 11pm closing time on takeaway businesses we are confident this does not mean takeaways should cease trading at this time.

“I have spoken with a number of representatives from the Northern Ireland Executive and PSNI who have assured me that the restrictions do not mean takeaway businesses have to cease serving at 11pm. They simply must close their shop fronts and operate a delivery only service.

“The restrictions clearly state that the hospitality sector must close at 11pm but will be allowed to continue operating deliveries and takeaway services for food.

“The restrictions then go on to say that takeaway premises will be brought in line with hospitality and have a closing time also of 11pm.

“It is very clear from these guidelines that takeaway and delivery services are allowed to proceed and we would encourage all members to prepare for that.

“It is essential that all delivery drivers follow Covid-19 safety precautions and that, where possible, zero contact delivery options are put in place.

“Members should encourage card payments and zero contact delivery with customers where they can.

“If there are any further updates or developments on this issue we will let our members know.”

Exact extract from Executive restrictions >> https://www.executiveoffice-ni.gov.uk/news/executive-tightens-restrictions-curb-covid-19 

  • Closure of the hospitality sector apart from deliveries and takeaways for food, with the existing closing time of 11.00pm remaining. 
  • Other takeaway premises will be brought in line with hospitality with a closing time of 11.00pm;

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