Who says that you have to be a child to enjoy sweets? Not us, that’s for sure! Joob Joobs is the largest independent confectionery platform in the world, well maybe one day – think of us as online confectionery curators! From Joob Joobs with love – confectionery is our middle name!

At Joob Joobs, our passionate team handpick the best and tastiest sweets, chocolate and confectionery from around the world for our online shop, and then we deliver them straight to your door! Simple!

The Joob Joobs mission is short and sweet – literally – independent confectionery for all! Our team based in Northern Ireland first mastered the craft of eating sweets and chocolate, and then a few sugary moments later, we had an epiphany: Joob Joobs! An online shop for the latest and greatest sweets out there! Maybe it was the sugar talking, We are the newest shop that sells the tastiest independent confectionery on the planet! Sometimes sugar rushes pay off!

Each and every one of our products gets tasted and tested before we feature them on our online shop – it’s the patented Joob Joobs’ test! First we test them, then we test them again, and again, and again, and again until someone falls over… yes, we love what we do! If we’re not happy with it, we won’t stock it! We pride ourselves on procuring only the finest and most delectable confectionery for our customers that you just won’t see in most supermarkets.

Along with our dizzying volumes of unique or more traditional confectionery, 25% of what we stock is Vegan-friendly. Vegans of the world unite in toffee-tastic heaven; we have got you covered! We also make some of our very own confectionery too – chocolate, jellybeans, gobstoppers, lollipops; more than enough to make Willy Wonka proud!

Here at Joob Joobs we believe in giving back. We are founded on co-creation with our customers, co-creative partnerships, brands, influencers and many more people – we are all one community; so it’s important to us to help out charities wherever we can.

It’s not just about the sweets, guys. That’s why 10% of our profits go directly to charity! We specifically donate to Ten Foundations. Ten Foundations was set up in Northern Ireland, UK from 2012. Since then they have impacted the lives of dozens of women from the Balayan region in the Philippines, and by the extension of their children and families, hundreds of people in their community. Apart from their main mission, they run a livelihood programme, including a scholarship programme, skill-building and medical missions.

So why not make Joob Joobs your weekly confectionery fix? If you live in the UK we’ll deliver! Milk, bread and eggs are overrated anyway… With Christmas being just around the corner, in November we will be stocking our seasonal treats and gifts too! That’s the Christmas list done! A merry Joob Joobs Christmas!

To see our full online shop visit our website: https://joobjoobs.com/. For updates and more information, be sure to follow us on social media too! Our Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/joobjoobuk/.

The regression sessions are on us!