1Arm day.

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If you look at her face, you’ll probably recognize her as Marilyn Monroe. Still, this 1952 photo shows the iconic actress in an unexpected role: that of a committed weightlifter.

2My palms are sweaty.

This 1937 photo of workers on the Eiffel Tower shows us that the era of big, tall structures and the era of proper safety equipment haven’t always overlapped.

3All alone

This evocative, haunting pic shows Arsenal goalkeeper Jack Kelsey during a particularly foggy match in 1954. The Welsh goalkeeper was one of the best in the world during the ’50s.

4Before the Wright brothers.

Believe it or not, human flight was a thing as far back as the Civil War. In 1862, President Lincoln can be seen at this demonstration of a hot-air balloon that was designed to be used in battle.

5Desperate times

This photo gives us a glimpse of how people were feeling on October 29th, 1929 — better known as Black Tuesday. The stock market crash plunged the U.S. into the Great Depression, from which it wouldn’t emerge for nearly a decade.

6Calm before the storm.

This photo of a German family outside of a Berlin movie theater in 1929 shows a rare glimpse of Germany at peace in between the world wars.

7Quite the gathering.

For whatever reason, a photographer decided to assemble the tallest man in Europe, the fattest man in Europe, and the shortest man in Europe for a friendly game of cards back in 1913.

8No safety equipment in sight.

Workers on the Brooklyn Bridge evidently gave zero effs about safety back when this photo was taken in 1914. The Manhattan skyline looming in the background would shoot skyward in the years to follow.

9Fight for your right.

This photo, taken by Lynn Goldsmith, shows the Beastie Boys before they found their first mainstream success with License to Ill in 1986. This photo could be an album cover all by itself.

10When the war is over.

The end of World War II stranded military equipment all around the world. This photo shows a shepherd in central Italy shortly after the conflict ceased.

11Day at the beach.

We’re so used to seeing Stephen Hawking in a stuffy academic setting that it almost feels weird to see him enjoying a day at the beach.

12Santa always delivers.

While the Croatian War of Independence was raging all around them, these kids still got to celebrate Christmas — even though Santa had to carry a rifle.

13Now that’s a gun.

This is what’s known as a punt gun, one of the biggest personal weapons ever made. It was so effective at duck hunting that it’s now illegal in many parts of the world.