Mid and East Antrim Borough Council is embracing digital technology to continue delivering a first class service to its citizens by holding the monthly Full Council Meeting virtually on Tuesday next, 9 June.

The meeting, which will be streamed on the Council website, represents a new way of ensuring the operation of local government business remains open and transparent during the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown.

Using a ‘hybrid’ model, the meeting will see Group Party Leaders, independents, Mayor and Deputy Mayor present in the Council Chamber, if they so wish, and the remainder of members at home using video conferencing.

A similar approach was used yesterday evening to elect Cllr Peter Johnston to the role of Mayor and Cllr Andrew Wilson to the position of Deputy Mayor when the Annual General Meeting took place.

A Council spokesperson said:

“The Coronavirus lockdown restrictions have changed the way we do business, but they have inspired more creative and innovative approaches to providing essential and frontline services throughout the crisis period.

“As we work towards the next stages of recovery from the Covid-19 emergency, Council has continued to engage with our business community and residents through the use of digital and online technologies.

“By holding our first Full Monthly Council Meeting virtually, we will be able to inform our citizens about key decisions and ensure we continue to operate with accountability and transparency.

“Throughout the pandemic, Group Party Leaders have had virtual meetings with the Chief Executive, usually twice a week, with recommendations and an agenda provided.

“The Chief Executive also provides full written updates, six days a week, to all Councillors, MLAs and MPs.”