Well, some individuals seem not to appreciate kindness, and a single mother in this article is an example of such beings.

If any human being, young or old is kind enough to volunteer his/her time to help children to learn how to swim, what such person expect in return is words of encouragement aside a pay.

A free-swimming instructor for kids, who hails from America, Southern India has shared her annoying exchange of words she had with a single mother via messages.

Honestly, the single mother was completely an awarded brat and readers couldn’t just believe the unappreciative manner portrayed by the single mother, along with the insults she reigned on the swimming instructor.

As seen, the mother had insisted that the instructor gives an exclusive swimming lesson for her son and didn’t ask politely, instead harassed the instructor in a very bad manner.

Accordingly, the instructor with the Reddit User name u/pretent_its_witty had saved the single mother as Aunty – a way of showing respect/calling elderly people in India.


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