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The unusual visitors spotted on Friday evening travelling up Strangford Lough. 

These Video’s showing the amazing Killer whales at Strangford Lough in Co Down on Friday evening.

The last time Killer whales were spotted on Strangford Lough was when a photographer snapped shots of 4 Orca’s splashing around in 1962 during Regatta Day.

RossBoatPhotos and Ocean Research & Conservation filmed Orcas Swimming up Strangford Lough yesterday 15.5.2020, and posted it to their Youtube.


Orcas swimming in Strangford Lough This bull Orca is well known in the western Hebrides as ” John Coe ” who was first recorded in the 1980s. His partner is either ” Monny Penny ” or ” Aquarius “. They were spotted along the Lecale coast Co.Down Ireland passing Ardglass and then into Strangford Lough. ” John Coe ” is identifiable by the large notch in the bottom of dorsal fin and a bite in his tail fluke Adult Orcas measure up to 9.8 meters (32ft) in length , can swim 35mph and live as old as 90 years Thank you “John Coe” and friend for visiting we hope you enjoyed our coast and are very welcome anytime

Ocean Research & Conservation:

Close encounter with killer whales in Strangford Lough, Co. Down


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