1. You can’t sleep past 8:00 am

2. You can’t watch a movie past 9:00pm

3. You have a plastic bag filled with other plastic bags.

4. You can’t find your keys/phone/glasses.

5. You appreciate good wine, cheese, and naps.

6. Your metabolism seems to be stuck in traffic.

7. Your kids use slang you don’t understand.

8. You swap ailment stories with your friends.

9. Cancelled plans are your favourite kind of plans.

10. You still get the Sunday paper delivered.

11. You print out your boarding pass when flying.

12. Tweezers are your best friend.

13. You actually go into the bank to make a deposit.

14. The music is too loud & the TV isn’t loud enough

15. You walk around muttering about who left the
lights on or who turned up the thermostat.