Spying on the Scammers [Part 1/4]


Jim Browning – Runs a Youtube Channel that he has described as:

Tracking and identifying scammers who knock my front door, call me or shove popups onto my computer screen.

In his latest video, He was able to gain access to the Scammers CCTV.

When the scammers connected to his computer, he was able to reverse the connection and discovered they had CCTV.

Jim Browning posted under the video,

“When a scammer connected to my PC, I was able to reverse their connection and discover that they had CCTV.

You’re going to see the most detailed exposé of a tech support scam ever seen on YouTube.

The company were called Faremart.com – A travel agency in Delhi who use their buildings and VOIP telephony to run various scams.

They are one of hundreds of scam call centres in India and this one group will make over $3 million per year with scams. “

BBC’s Panorama has picked up this story.

Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rmvh…

Scamming Kids: Inside India’s Creepiest Scam Call Centre

Karl Rock who took Drone footage for Jim, also run’s a Youtube channel, that exposes Scammers who operate from India.

Karl, has posted an update on the comments section on his youtube channel.

Reporting “Big Update: The Police raided this call centre straight away! The owner has been arrested! Good work by the Indian police.