Ink remained on toddlers body after scrubbing

A Florida mother was shocked to find her young son’s daycare had written on his stomach in black ink to remind her to bring more nappies.

Heather Chisum posted photos of her son Milo to Facebook after she found the Sanibel Island day care’s message on the boy’s tummy.

Chisum, a single mother, said the daycare usually puts a daily report in her children’s lunchboxes, detailing her son or daughter’s behavior and whether they need additional wipes or nappies.

But while changing Milo’s nappie after bringing him home Monday, Chisum noticed the message written in magic marker. What’s worse is the ink remained on his skin even following a scrubbing with baby wipes.

“In the very worst case scenario, I can’t see anything other than “need diapers” needing to be written.” wrote Chisum. “Why a big long message needed to be written across my son’s stomach is beyond me.”

Chisum says Monday’s isn’t the first time the daycare has written on her son’s body, claiming in her post that it happened several months ago.

In her post, Chisum asked whether she was over-exaggerating in her anger, but nearly everyone who commented backed her up wholeheartedly.

The News-Press reports the director of The Children’s Education Center of the Islands was in a meeting and was unavailable to comment on the incident.


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