The multi-million pound project at Blackhead Path is moving into the second section of the work which will restore and protect the coastal walkway.

This section of work is focused on the stabilisation of the cliff faces and repairs to the coastal network. Mid and East Antrim Borough Council are reminding everyone that this is a construction site and there will be no access to the path.

Locals and visitors are reminded that there are many other walking routes around the area and within the vicinity of Whitehead which they can enjoy over the next few months.

With Diamond Jubilee Wood, White Harbour and Nature Reserve, Beach Road Nature Reserve and The Gobbins all in close proximity, there is some stunning alternative walking trails.

Council is reminding people of the serious risks of using the path while these construction works are ongoing and that no access is permitted.

A spokesperson said: “We are urging locals and visitors to adhere to the path closure, as by not doing so, they are putting their lives at risk, and potentially delay the completed project.

“We understand this is a hugely popular with the local community, dog walkers and tourists, but the safety of people is of upmost importance.

“We understand how frustrating this can be but the path closure is absolutely necessary.

“There could be land slippage or rock fall at any moment, which could result in loss of life if someone were to be on the path at the time.”

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council have closed the path until further notice so the planned works can be carried out and the path can be enjoyed for future generations to come.


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