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CUILCAGH LEGNABROCKY TRAIL. It is present in Northern Ireland in the County Fermanagh. It is very rightly one of the top 10 things to do while visiting the county Fermanagh.

Some very useful TIPS for those that are either planning to do this trail or would love to put it in their bucket list.


* The carpark for this trail lies a short distance ahead from the Marble Arch caves carpark.

* Be sure to park as far ahead as you can in the carpark. It will save you a lot of extra walking on return.

* There are quite a few sections in this carpark and you can keep on going ahead until you see the last section.

* It costs £5 for the carpark.

* There is no cafe or shop on-site so bring your own food and water.

* No toilets on-site either. The closest ones will be in the Marble Arch Caves visitor centre which will be a 5-10min walk from the first section of the Cuilcagh mountain carpark.

* Weather can get quite unpredictable even in summer so be prepared for it. Therefore, bring a lightweight water-proof jacket and something warm to layer up if it gets cold.

* Wearing correct footwear is a must.

* The walk is a mixture of a gravel walkway and the wooden boardwalk.

* The boardwalk is 1.6 km in length and starts after you have walked the 5.8 km gravel track.

* It’s a 14.8 km round trip. The walk is linear meaning you return the same way back.

* There are rest stops (benches) along the track in case you need them.

* It’s not a very difficult walk. It’s just a very long walk and gets a little bit steep in places especially the steep ascent up the mountain where you have to climb quite a lot of stairs to reach the viewing platform which marks the end of the boardwalk.

*I would rate it as an easy+ or moderate given the length to reach the end of the boardwalk and the steepness as you get closer to the mountain.

* The way back is much easier as its all downhill.

* It took me 5 hours to reach back to the carpark. Bear in mind that I stopped a lot photographing and flying my drone! The usual opinion is that for a person of average fitness it takes around 3.5 hours for a return journey. I don’t know how accurate this figure is as I didn’t do this walk continuously.

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