Leading water supplier Rowell Water is tackling the worrying increase in plastic plaguing the planet with several innovative solutions, including the reusable Roc Bottle.

As suppliers of water coolers in the workplace Rocwell Water want to help everyone reduce the amount of plastic in use.

Brian Patrick Quinn of Rocwell Water is keen to emphasise that the new product is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to reducing environmental impact. The Roc Bottle concept has been in development for almost a year and will be available in coming weeks.

“The reason we developed the concept was to offer our customers and alternative to the standard single use cups with water coolers,” he said.

“We started to supply compostable and biodegradable cups to our customers but decided we want to do more, offer a premium stainless steel reusable bottle, which we can co brand in any companies logo.”

Roc Bottle is a premium reusable bottle and designed for liquids both hot and cold, so it also can reduce single use tea/coffee cups in the workplace.

The bottle keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours & cold drinks cold for 24hours.

Brian said that Roc Bottle will be available to three different sectors, business, education and retail.

“Companies are now wanting to reduce/ban plastic bottles from the workplace,” he said. “We can supply a premium water through our water coolers which allows staff to refill their Roc Bottle with the same quality of water they buy in their local store. It is cost effective and water is always chilled/room temperature plus saves waste costs of plastic bottles in the bins.

“In terms of education we have teamed up with Eco Schools NI to offer our Roc Bottle to education campus’ throughout NI and supply water fountains/chillers to the schools to allow pupils to refill their bottle anytime they want.”

The Roc Bottle will also be available in store to cater for the customers who want to refill on the go.

Following the shocking scenes on David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II and the campaign from BBC programme ‘War On Plastic’ the team at Rocwell Water is acutely aware of the need to be a responsible company.

“We pride ourselves on the quality of water we provide to our customers,” said Brian.

“Rocwell Natural Mineral Water is one of the few companies in Ireland to achieve Natural Mineral Water Status. We meet the stringent EU, UK, Northern Ireland and Irish quality standards and our water, to meet the Natural Mineral Water Status we had a number of criteria, including that our water is naturally free from pollution, contamination and harmful micro-organisms. We have also met the same high standards required for our spring water.”

Rocwell Water also supply mains fed water coolers and fountains, which are more cost-effective, and reduce the need for large plastic refill bottles.

“There are a number of businesses who have switched to mains fed as their use of 19L bottles has increased,” said Brian. “Roc bottle will also work with this model.”

As with everything, however, there is a cost. Rocwell Water’s revenues from disposable and compostable plastic cups will reduce, but they believe it is a price worth paying in the long run.

“The company recognises we all have a responsibility to do better if we can, and we believe if we offer the service of providing Roc Bottle, branded if required, customers will prefer Rocwell as their preferred supplier to the others on the market with a reduction in plastic heading to landfills or using energy to recycle it.

“If we can reduce plastic, encourage people to drink more water it is good for all.”

The Roc Bottle comes in three different sizes. It is made from food grade stainless steel as a premium triple sealed vacuum and is leakproof. Liquids in Roc Bottle will stay hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours.

More information is available at www.rocbottle.com