The Churchill Mark VII tank “Carrickfergus” was unveiled by Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant for the County of Antrim; Mrs Joan Christie OBE LL on Saturday 28th June 2014.

The tank was presented to the Mayor, Borough Council and Citizens of Carrickfergus by the Trustees of the North Irish Horse Museum and Archive Collection, Colonel D de B Kinahan, Colonel NC Tougher TD, Colonel CR McDonald TD and DW McCorkell Esq.

The tank “Carrickfergus”serves as an icon to acknowledge the combined industrial and military heritage shared by the citizens of Carrickfergus and the North Irish Horse. 

The development of the earlier models of this tank “Matildas” and the Churchill model A20 were carried out by the shipbuilders Harland and Wolff in their Belfast shipyard and latterly in their tank factory on the Woodburn Road, Carrickfergus, now the site of a Royal Mail office.

A booklet outlining the development of the Churchill tank and a factsheet giving the technical details may be obtained from the Museum and Civic Centre, Antrim Street Carrickfergus

Photograph Copyright © Karl Oakman

In the center of this aerial photograph below, is thought to be ‘The Churchill Mark VII tank Factory’, in Carrickfergus.

In the center of this aerial photograph, is thought to be ‘The Churchill Mark VII tank Factory’, in Carrickfergus.
Here is a Google map of the area today, where the tank factory was.


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