Tinder, Bumble and Plenty of Fish. Online dating apps have been popular for a number of years as people take their search for love into cyberspace, where a nice picture and a mere swipe to the right are enough to capture someone’s attention.

However, while that used to be enough, in the world of dating apps it’s easy to seem someone that you’re not.

According to a report by BigTimeDaily.com matchmaking services could be gaining the upper hand over the dating apps. Tired of fraudulent profiles and the somewhat superficial nature of online dating profiles, some people are now turning to the more secure service matchmakers provide, where singles can meet someone who is more serious about dating and who is interested in more than their potential partner’s bank account or looks.

Playing it safe with matchmaking

Claire Hughes from Northern Ireland matchmaking company Soiree Society said: “Matchmaking services offer a layer of safety that dating apps don’t. Whereas with dating apps you never quite know who is sitting on the other side of the dinner table or buying your drinks or coffee, a matchmaking service screens each of its clients to make sure they’re genuine and are there for both a long time and a good time. It’s not the service for someone looking for casual dating.”

Best of all, these services are private and confidential. You don’t have to let the whole online world know everything about you while you look out for love. It all stays between you and the matchmakers, who then use the information you provide them to find a compatible match for you.

Claire believes these attributes are what could be causing people to turn their backs on dating apps.

She explained: “We get lots of men and women coming through our doors who feel uncomfortable about sharing information or images in online dating profiles or who have gone out on dates and have started to feel unsafe or uncomfortable during the date. We want dating to be safe, enjoyable and successful for anyone who comes to us, which is why we screen everyone who comes to us.”

Taking care of the legwork

Then there’s the frustrations dating apps can bring. You can get swiped left into infinity. You can get ghosted. You can get cancelled on at short notice. You can message several times only to find out the other person is just looking for casual dating. It can burn you out.

“You can get to the point where it feels like another job” said Claire, adding: “This is where matchmaking services can step in and pick up the baton for you.”

While you’re getting on with your everyday life, the matchmakers will be picking up the legwork and continuing the search for you. To go to a matchmaking service is to get serious.

And Claire knows what her clients go through. She revealed: “We’ve heard some horrendous stories about the way people have treated each other on dating apps. The people that come to us are serious about finding that special person, which is why our services can make the dating experience more pleasant.”

A better experience for your wellbeing?

There have even been suggestions that dating apps can influence how users control their weight. Although not conclusive, research has found that dating app users may be more at risk of resorting to unhealthy ways to control their weight, such as vomiting, laxatives, diet pills and fasting. The research also discovered that men who used dating apps were more likely to take anabolic steroids.

Unlike dating apps, on which images are a major component of profiles, matchmaking services can present personalities in a different way. The matchmakers can search the required information for a potential partner and return with someone who the client may find attractive purely based on this information.

If you’re feeling frustrated with dating apps — or even just feeling wary of them — you may wish to try out a matchmaking service instead. It could change your whole experience of dating. More importantly, that special someone may be waiting there for you — and they’ll be exactly who they say they are.

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