Denim is back, but in truth it has never really gone out of style. This classic wardrobe staple is well-loved and looks best well-worn, but from time-to-time new denim trends hit the high street, as well as older trends that make a comeback.

We’ve currently got nostalgia for the 90s and noughties, with the hugely popular “skinny” jeans making room for relaxed wide legs, athleisure-inspired cargo pockets and more straight-cut styles. In another throwback, dungaree jeans have been popular since autumn 2018 and I expect we’ll see more dungaree dresses this summer, as well as pastel corduroy versions of both.

Where double denim was once the number one fashion faux pas (wearing denim pieces on both the bottom and top half of the body), it’s now considered to be the epitome of cool. Even denim jumpsuits are making an appearance in some stores! My top styling tip? Make sure your double denim outfit is two contrasting shades.

Denim seems to go through periods of either being sleek with minimal detailing, or all-out with added extras. Today, embroidered denim is popular, putting a feminine spin on classics such as jeans, shorts, and jackets. We’re also seeing more details such as beads and pearls on jeans, which I love, as well as over-frayed hems.

Denim pieces are everywhere this season, and it’s a trend that will continue into autumn 2019 and spring 2020, with cosy denim dresses and structured denim shirts, as well as more tailored looking denim with the popular paper bag waist trend.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your denim items to give an old piece a new lease of life! Recently, I bought a pair of ripped jeans but wanted to customise them to make them more age appropriate. I thought they would look fantastic with some lace in the rips, so I gently took apart a lace flower and glued the petals onto the inside of the rips. I think they look great, and everyone asks me where I got them. Remember, denim rarely ever goes out of style, but the subtle details change from season to season.

With denim being more popular than ever in 2019, invest in some key pieces now to take you through the years to come.


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