Parents, from Carrickfergus, were revolted to discover their daughter was being targeted by a sick gamer, who was asking her to webcam via the Xbox chat feature

A father has offered advice to fellow parents after finding out a pervert attempting to groom his 8-year-old daughter through her Xbox.

The father, from Carrickfergus, was sitting on the sofa when he was called by his wife from upstairs to go to his daughter’s room. His daughter had been playing on her Xbox, when she received a message.

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The Pervert was trying to encourage his daughter to go onto webcam, which she replied that she was to young. He then tried to encourage her to go to a website, which he described as an adult facebook, with webcams.

After the Father saw the horrific messages, that had been sent to his daughter. He immediately reported the message on the console,  he also reported it to Child Exploitation and Online Protection command.


The father said:

“Please, sit down with your children and teach them about online safety. We were lucky enough that our daughter came to us and showed us these messages she received. Stay vigilant folks.”


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