There’s something about having great nails that makes us feel more confident, especially those people whose hands are on show throughout the day.

But sometimes getting a perfect set of gel nails or falsies just isn’t enough. Having healthy nails is much more important for the overall look of your hands.

So, before you spend on going to the nail bar, try some of the following tips to create beautiful, healthy and vibrant nails.

1. Keep them clean
It seems so obvious but ensuring that your nails are clean at all times helps them to grow more healthily. Make sure remove all traces of previous colour with acetone free remover as this can make your nails look dirty when they aren’t. One way to promote healthy nails is to clean with a mild toothbrush, this will exfoliate the skin around and remove any dead skin.

2. Don’t cut the cuticles
Cuticles have a purpose, they create a protective seal around the base of your nail. By removing them you can leave your nail vulnerable to bacteria and therefore a potential infection.

3. Moisturise
Keep your hands well hydrated throughout the day, especially if you are prone to dry skin.

4. Length matters
The longer you have your nails the more prone they are to breakages, splits and snags.

5. Keep a tool kits handy
There’s nothing worse than sitting beside that person who files their nails constantly but they’ve got the right idea. By keeping a nail file or emery board close by you can get on top of any snags, splits or breakages before they weaken the rest of the nail. Also, you should really clean your nail tools with disinfectant or at the very least boiling water.

6. Be gentle
Just because we use our hands every day and give nails a right battering doesn’t mean you should take a rough scrubbing brush to them. On top of that constantly sticking metal tools under your nails to clean them can actually cause more harm than good.

7. Limit your nail treatments
There’s nothing better than having nicely done, new nails but constant gel or false nail application can weaken your nails. Try to time your treatments to give you a break inbetween where possible.

8. Trim regularly
Obviously if you are trying to grow your nails you may not want to do this very often, however, by carefully trimming your nails regularly. You should see them respond positively.


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